A cookie is a small text file that stores in your device when you visit a webpage. It is useful to the web to identify you and remember your settings when you visit the web again, improving the performance of the website and providing a better user experience. Cookies store technical information about personal preferences, content settings, statistics, etc. The cookie use this information to adapt the webpage to you, not using cookies will result in a less efficient webpage. 


Cookies used in this web

Following the instructions of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (“Agencia Española de Protección de Datos”), we proceed to detail the use of cookies that this web might use:

  • Google Analytics: It stores cookies to produce traffic statistics and volume count on the website. Using this website you consent the treatment that Google makes of your information. For more information on this area and the special treatment on this kind of cookie you might contacty directly with Google.
  • Social Network: Each social network used on this website use their own cookies to help you click the buttons share and follow.

Remove your Cookies

You can desactivate or remove the cookies from this website whenever you desire. This section describes how to complete this actions on the most popular browsers. To get more information about performing these actions you might contact with the help section of your browser (this information might depend on the version of the browser).

  • If you use Internet Explorer, you can block your cookies following the next steps: Tools->Internet Options-> Privacy-> Block all Cookies.
  • If Mozilla Firefox is your usual browser, you might change this configuration in the settings page: Tools->Options->Privacy.
  • Google Chrome lets you change this configuration by clicking the Chrome Menu Button->Configuration->Advanced Settings->Privacy-> Content Settings -> Cookies.
  • Safari users might take the following steps: Preferences -> Privacy -> Block Cookies.

Additional Information 

  • Browsers are tools that store cookies and you might hold your right desactivating and removing cookies from that tool. This web cannot guarantee the correct (or incorrect) manipulation of the cookies that those tools make.
  • This web and its legal representation cannot take control on the third parties cookies policy.
  • Some browsers configuration on cookies store cookies on their on browser to remember your choice about the accepting (or not accepting) cookies.
  • To solve any possible doublt or get more information about this matter, please contact us.