4G networks are revolutionizing Data Services and will radically change traditional Voice Services as well, not only from the End-User view (e.g. HD voice, continuity), but also from the Operator’s standpoint.

VoLTE is a giant step in the all IP network convergence and poses a set of important challenges to Operators. Voice services which were operating resiliently and without disruption until now, have to be migrated to brand new technologies and implementations that face interoperability issues and first-time rollouts. Zhilabs brings a solution for Operators whereby they can gain accurate, timely and actionable insights about VoLTE services, holistically, encompassing all subscriber facets.

Automatic Root Cause Analysis and MOS

Automatic call categorization into failed & successful, their root cause and their Mean Opinion Score (MOS).

Classification of performance and quality of VoLTE handsets.

Detection of VoLTE attacks.

Automatic Network Discovery and Drill-Down

Automatic VoLTE network discovery (locations, IMS core, TAS servers).

Drill-down by any dimension in the network from the RAN to the IMS core (e.g. eNodeB, MME, PGW, P-CSCF, S-CSCF, I-CSCF, TAS).

Per Subscriber Troubleshooting

A set of relevant KQIs to provide full visibility into VoLTE services, including the ones relevant to HD voice quality like jitter, latency, etc.

Per subscriber view, tracing, troubleshooting and ladder diagrams from any anchor (network, handset, location), at any time.

Zhilabs VoLTE solution allows Operators to fully concentrate on their business while keeping their services healthy and fully monitored end-to-end.

Joan RaventosVoLTE