Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Our root-cause analysis technology proactively monitors your network and accelerates resolution times by discovering and ranking deviations.

App Behavior Auto-Discovery

App Behavior Auto-Discovery Feature is able to automatically group new Applications as they appear on the network based on their impact to it. Its unsupervised nature makes it the only way to tackle the continuous stream of new Applications that appear each day on the OTT AppStores.

Machine Learning

Easily apply machine learning algorithms to locate the source of your Customers problems.

Use Case

Automatically classify millions of VoLTE calls based on perceived MOS by the Customer and uncover issues in RTP media delivery.


Visualize your network in a way that highlights problems and allows you to drill-down and focus on the important.


The network is auto-discovered automatically by the system, assuring that what you see is what’s deployed out there.

Joan RaventosRoot Cause Analysis