Meet us at TMForum in Nice

Meet Zhilabs in Nice!tmforum-nice-2016

Need more visibility in your network?

What are your subscribers doing?

What apps/services are they using and where?

What devices do they have?

What is their experience?

How to better monetize this untapped wealth of information?

Forget probes, forget DPI … from the RAN across the Core E2E, Zhilabs can explain why Telefonica, Vodafone, Telenor, Telecom Italia and other important customers have deployed Zhilabs Software in multiple country networks, and why we are expanding around the world with new offices in Singapore, Brazil, San Francisco and London.

All Operators are struggling with Customer Experience Management; forget the acronym CEM, Zhilabs will show you…

  • One-Click Troubleshooting, including VoLTE, for your Level 3 Ops guys
  • Signaling Impact of OTT Apps, for your Capacity Planners
  • M2M Analysis & Network Impact, for your Marketers
  • E2E Data Network Analytics, for your Executive Team
  • 100% Subscriber Base Coverage, for Fixed and Mobile networks 100% of the time and in Real-Time for ALL your departments.

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Safe travels to France, we look forward to meeting you there.


Zhilabs AdminMeet us at TMForum in Nice