Network Analytics – Encrypted Video

Video Quality of Experience


  • Video Service is the top demanded one by data users
  • Video traffic is almost fully encrypted (using HTTPS, HTTP2 and QUIC protocols) for the major video providers (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Instagram)
  • Quality measurements needs assessment of number of videos, resolutions, time to start, stalls count

CustomAIr Solution

  • Patent-Pending Machine Learning technology
    • To cope with encrypted traffic characteristics and be able to provide key insights
    • To provide Video Resolution, dealing with adaptive video
    • A variety of services including YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Instagram and others

Encrypted Video Analysis

  • Analysis of Encrypted and Adaptive/DASH Video Streaming
  • KQIs for all video streaming, including encrypted video
  • Quality of Experience for +100 Video Streaming Applications
  • Video Resolution identification
  • CDN visibility

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

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