Zhilabs provides a full set of state-of-the-art and future-proof monitoring and analytics solution for different domains, including:


On these domains, Zhilabs solutions are composed of different application packages, most notably:

Customer Care.

OTT & Video Analytics.


Capacity Planning.

Performance Management.

Quality of Experience.


Advanced Analytics & Forecasting.

Big Data Exporter.

Security & Threat Analysis.

Big Data and TCO

These applications cover the Operator’s demands in terms of analytics and troubleshooting. Zhilabs software can operate on top of Spark and Hadoop clusters, and integrate into other Big Data systems, including traditional datawarehouses.

Zhilabs solutions are open and include technology that is able to cope with the Big Data tidal wave inside operators, in an efficient and cost effective manner. By leveraging Zhilabs solutions and application on top of Zhilabs Big Data Application Server™, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is very competitive and protects the Operator’s investment despite their traffic growth.

Key Technologies

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