Video is without any doubts one of the top applications on both mobile and fixed networks. The newest content delivery technologies like adaptive video streaming are becoming more and more important and close monitoring of these transactions constitutes a fabulous way to spot usage patterns, problems in the delivery and where to improve the network, from the RAN to the Content Delivery Networks, passing through Packet Core nodes.

Zhilabs Video Analytics solution allows the Operator to gain a profound understanding of video and media streaming by leveraging a full suite of analysis stack, from network probes to drill-down capabilities.

Video Quality Indicators

A comprehensive set of key quality indicators including time to start, number of stalls, rebuffering time, rebuffering time percentage, video duration and reproduction time.

Full set of indicators relative to adaptive video, like streaming quality.

Advanced Analytics

Full set of indicators relative to adaptive video, like streaming quality.

A wide range of analysis dimensions including priceplan, demographics, technology, network nodes, cells, devices, codecs, video resolutions and service providers.

OTT Video Delivery

Full understanding of Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) and their impact on the services, to ease capacity planning and provide the greatest quality of experience to subscribers.

The ability to extensively analyze both OTT and Operator’s video services and compute the revenue of each.

 Zhilabs Video Analytics solution is the Operator’s definitive tool to gain insights and provide a differential video Quality of Experience to their Subscribers.

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