Cutting-edge software solutions

Samsung Zhilabs Software products are uniquely engineered and positioned to allow operators to build on top of their existing deployments and solutions. The key value of the technology is parallel processing massive data in real time from multiple sources with extreme high performance.

The flexible nature and the hugely scalable capability of the product enables point existing solutions to be simply integrated into the umbrella and treated as just another data source.

Our products have been engineered and
designed to fit in the most challenging scenarios.

Open Platform




Vendor Agnostic


Open Platform | Customer-Centric | Multi-Technology | Cloud-native | Vendor Agnostic

AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Real-Time Collection & Stitching

Samsung Zhilabs Software is 100% owned by Samsung. There are no 3rd party Software licensing fees to pay. As such Samsung works closely with customers to define mutually beneficial commercial models.

Samsung Zhilabs products are 100% Software, what means that there is no proprietary Hardware. Samsung Analytics solutions can be deployed on any COTS Hardware readily available and run fully virtualized in private, public (AWS, Asure, Google Cloud, etc.) or hybrid clouds.