Zhilabs CEO Speaks 5G Collaboration with Samsung

Samsung Networks and Zhilabs are continuing in their cohesive collaboration with 5G.

In August 2018, Samsung Electronics had announced an investment plan to boost businesses that will drive future growth such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI), committing to a total of KRW 25 trillion (about US$ 22 Billion) worth in investment over the next three years.

With the full acquisition of Zhilabs in October 2018, known for AI-based network and service analytics, Samsung has expanded its 5G network solution portfolio to further enhance 5G capabilities through network analytics and automation. The solutions assist operators in optimizing their network performance automatically to finely tune customer experience in the 5G era.

During the interview at MWC Barcelona 2019, CEO of Zhilabs, briefly discussed joint capabilities and collaboration between Zhilabs and Samsung.

“We are showing our product, a CustomAIr. It is designed to monitor a hundred percent of subscribers in order to assure the customer experience for each one of them”, said CEO at Zhilabs.

5G will enable 1 million device connections in 1km2. Considering massive connectivity, which is one of the major unique features of 5G along with ultra-low latency and ultra-fast speed, these AI-based automaton solutions are essential in satisfying the needs of each end-customer.

“Zhilabs Provides Machine Learning and Ability to Automate, which is Very Important in 5G.”

At MWC 2019, the CTO of Zhilabs demonstrated how its solution helps monitor and analyze 5G network performance through AI-based deep learning. Powered by this solution, Samsung will go above and beyond simple connectivity to implement an automated and intelligent network.

“AI-Based Automation Will Play a Key Role in the Introduction of New Services in the 5G Era”

In the 5G era, AI-based automation will play a key role in the introduction of new services, such as industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and connected cars, as carriers will require automated solutions and network analytics beyond what was possible in previous generations. AI-based transformation can be used to analyze user traffic, classify application being used, and improve overall service quality, as such needs can no longer be addressed by existing solutions.

He mentioned that “5G is going to be all about the customers at the end. So, there’s a lot of technology talk but at the end of the day, the important thing is subscriber, the end-customer, and this is why we are here to assure for.”

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