5G Solutions

Deep visibility tools for network assurance and troubleshooting

With the emerging 5G networks, operators will face new challenges that go beyond enhancing capacity and coverage to additionally enable ultra-reliable and low latency communications features. Site densification, network slicing or new spectrum bands, are some of the new factors that increase network management complexity for operators.

Effective mechanisms to deploy, optimize and support complex 5G networks are increasingly demanded by operators to optimize performance and automate their network processes. The use of AI and network automation are key to succeeding these goals.

Network Slicing SLA Assurance

Zhilabs solutions help operators to meet their SLAs for the different network slices, providing deep E2E data collection and analysis to measure key parameters (latency, throughput, capacity) that reflect the corresponding quality levels. SLA management framework maps low-level network parameters to high-level customers insights to apply AI-based data-driven decisions to enhance use cases QoS.

Multi-Access Edge Computing Monitoring

Monitoring real-time user plane latency and traffic are key factors in MEC scenarios. For that purpose, Zhilabs solutions can be instantiated at the network edge to extract E2E multi-hop latency measurements and provide on-the-spot throughput KPIs/KQIs to prove low-latency and backhaul traffic saving benefits.

End-to-end Troubleshooting Tools

From edge-RAN to central-Core, Zhilabs solutions bring deep visibility tools to provide assurance and troubleshooting for 5G Interfaces on 5G NSA and SA options.