About us

Samsung Zhilabs

Samsung Zhilabs is an Independent Software Vendor (part of Samsung Electronics group) laser focused on providing Software to Mobile & Fixed Operators enabling better understanding and utilization of network assets to bring tangible benefits to end user subscribers. Customer Experience Assurance, Troubleshooting, Performance Management, Capacity Planning and Big Data QoE network analytics are all deliverables of successful Zhilabs deployment projects to date.

At a time when Customer Experience and Analytics are widely recognized as the key topic for Operators worldwide, Zhilabs provides the most advanced Customer Experience and Analytics solution in the world. In production at multiple Tier-1s and OEMed by some of the top brands in the industry, Zhilabs Products allow Operators to forget about the data and focus on the Customers, 100% of them, all the time, in real-time.

Samsung Zhilabs vision

Zhilabs technology can help operators build a smarter network – which we define as helping maximize the user experience for each subscriber whilst efficiently and cost effectively managing the always limited network resources.  The Zhilabs’ vision  of a smart network is one that takes into consideration the detailed profile of the subscriber as well as the status of all the network resources that service that customer (through the RAN, Core and Internet segments) and in real time makes the right decisions accordingly. 

Ultimately, smart networks lead to a more profitable and subscriber-centric network through better usage of the underlying network assets.

Zhilabs is a Samsung company which also provides its solutions to expand Samsung’s AI-based Automation in 5G. Zhilabs, fully owned by Samsung, operates independently under its own management. Samsung is looking forward to joint capabilities to create new cutting-edge technology in the transformation from 4G to 5G.

Founding Team

Zhilabs’ founders and initial employees have worked as a team for several years, always focusing on bleeding edge software. Starting at HP where they wrote from scratch what’s now HP Service Activator; moving to NetSpira Networks, where they crafted the packet engine that powered Ericsson core nodes and finally starting Zhilabs to design software to tame the real-time data tsunami.

Innovation Awards and Projects

Zhilabs has been granted the project: Real-Time Monetization Platform for Mobile Telecommunication Operators and Content and Application Providers, co-financed by the Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital, with project number TSI-100600-2014-6, as part of the Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Investigation 2013-2016, within the framework of Strategic Action for Economy and Digital Society (AEESD).