Maximizing Network Performance with Comprehensive Network Analytics

VISTA-NetAIr is a comprehensive analytics solution that looks at the entire network domain. NetAIr delivers network insights by collecting, monitoring and analyzing configuration management, fault management and performance management data from management systems. Operators can intuitively understand such data as the solution provides a holistic and multi-dimensional view with, for example, user-defined network KPI dashboards and easily downloadable KPI reports. NetAIr also enhances autonomous network operation with AI and Machine Learning algorithms for features including anomaly detection, alarm correlation, root cause analysis and problem-solving. NetAIr minimizes the impact of network troubles and service outages by not only analyzing a problem but also predicting and automatically applying solutions to network faults.


Container-based design
Micro-services architecture

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

Data Collection Tracing & Protocol Stitching


On-demand tracing capabilities
On the Edge or on the Core


Built-in Load Balancer
Horizontal and Vertical Scalability

Supporting all 5G interfaces

Control & User Plane NSA and SA Architectures

Key features

Highly scalable cloud-native design based on containerized and micro-services architecture which can be run on public, private and hybrid clouds and be integrated in multi-vendor and multi-domain networks.

Cloud-Native Architecture

  • Container-based design, going beyond virtualization to better squeeze hardware resources. NetLiner supports Docker for container creation and specification and Kubernetes for container orchestration.
  • Micro-services architecture providing specialized, elastic and on-demand functionalities.
  • Native support for 5G Network Slicing living up with OpenStack and NFV infrastructures.

Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis

  • Real-time data collection, tracing and protocol stitching
  • Applying Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms to provide per subscriber network insights.
  • Allowing operators to quickly interpret and react to network conditions changes.

On-the-spot Deployment

  • Delivering on-demand tracing capabilities
  • Distributed Platform, supporting lightweight pop-up analytics in distributed (edge) or centralized scenarios.