Service Operations Center (SOC)

End-to-end holistic network view

Samsung Zhilabs’ SOC solution offers Network Operators to evolve their current Network Operation Centers (NOC) to Service Operations Center (SOC) with the ability to take insights-based actions on a per subscriber basis across all Products and Services. The SOC solution provides a holistic network view with real-time end-to-end subscriber-level visibility, integrating into a single solution PM, FM, CEM, alarms, tickets and subscriber’s activity data. 

Zhilabs’ SOC solution leverages augmented analytics to integrate a set of AI-powered network automation modules for anomaly detection, prediction and actuation.

Network Sentinel

Automatic Anomaly Detection and Resolution

Zhilabs solutions leverages Big Data architecture to manage real-time and batch data from millions of customers in the network, offering Service Providers an open environment which can be easily integrated with their data-lakes and BI tools.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms are part of Zhilabs’ DNA to extract key patterns from the data and translate them into groundbreaking use cases for network prediction and automation.

Network Weather

Network Performance Prediction and Adaptive Alarms

Network Health consists of many different indicators, in most of the cases hundreds of them. Consequently, identifying if the network health is performing correctly is not straightforward.

From the study of hundreds of KPIs and KQIs (from PM, SQM and CEM systems), Network Weather predicts performance normality based on time-series analysis and previous network behavior, generating a baseline that easily mimics how the network should behave into a weather forecast map.

By applying Adaptive Alarms, Network Weather pro-actively alerts of network anomalies and provides a root cause analysis when the solution identifies deviations from normal patterns, allowing Operators to stay ahead of network issues.

Workflow Actions


In next generation networks, Operators will need to face a disruptive change on how these new networks must be managed. AI and Automation are crucial components to save operational costs, reduce the need of human intervention and improve network’s cost efficiency.

Aware of the challenges ahead and paving the way to self-driving networks, Zhilabs has designed Workflow Actions with the goal of closing the loop with the network by triggering automatic actions when a certain condition has been met.

Workflow Actions solution triggers automatic actions when a set of conditions have been met, making possible to fix problems automatically even before they appear.