For Fixed Broadband Networks

CustomAIr, AI-Powered Network Analytics solution by Zhilabs, allows Service Providers 360º visibility and understanding of their Fixed Broadband Networks.

Making use of Big Data and Machine Learning mechanisms, CustomAIr monitors, analyzes and troubleshoots every aspect of an internet connection’s performance over any fixed line infrastructure (xDSL, cable, fiber, FWA) with a fully end to end visibility (the backbone network, middle mile and last mile connections
to the end users)

Supporting any Fixed Access Technology





A modular solution


Service Providers can start using Zhilabs CustomAIr solution from a low investment cost and with very low network impact thanks to the non-intrusive Zhilabs collectors which can be applied initially to DHCP, RADIUS or IPDR servers, providing a wide variety of network insights focused on customers connectivity and data consumption.


In a second stage, to maximize the potential of the solution, services providers might integrate their existing performance management network elements (from EMS, SNMP, CPE) to enrich the degree of information and enable new use cases such as Customer Experience Analysis, Proactive Problems Detection and Root Cause Analysis


Finally, in order to empower the solution with 360º visibility, the deployment of active and passive probes allows to understand most consumed services by the subscribers, their service usage patterns and QoE. Bringing tangible benefits for the service provider such as improve customers’ NPS, reduce the churn and reduce their CAPEX and OPEX investments.

Data Sources





CPE Device Manager

CPE Active Probes

Passive Probes

Use cases

Service Operation Center

Your networks at a glance

Real-Time Monitoring

Always-On Holistic View

CPEs Performance

From network to end-user visibility

Customer Care

360º end-user understanding

Automatic Root Cause Analysis

AI-driven predictive & multi-
dimensional search

OTT Monetization

Key to unlocking encrypted services

Subscribers’ Insights

Addressing the right pricing plans


Early detection of threats