In Times of Change, Networks Play a Key Role

CustomAIr provides operator network insights since social distancing

With many countries prompted to implement lockdowns and impose shelter-in-place guidelines, the concept of ‘business as usual’ has changed, as we have adapted to a new norm. This has required employees to work from home and students to take classes online for their own safety, transforming daily lives into something we have never experienced before. Thus, a reliable network has become even more important, serving a critical role in bringing a stable platform to those working remotely, enabling communication among families and friends, and obtaining health-related information.

Samsung and Zhilabs offer network analysis tools allowing CSPs to have real-time end-to-end and subscriber-level network service visibility to identify where optimization or capacity reinforcement is required.

In an era when 5G networks are becoming more complex to manage, mobile operators need greater levels of visibility and the ability to automate their operations for balancing their investments in 5G rollouts. Increasing network visibility is required to guarantee service level agreements (SLAs) for different network slices to provide subscribers with committed quality of services (QoS). Moreover, automation enables more efficiency, flexibility and self-operating 5G networks, improving networks cost savings.

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