Massive Incident Detection capability of ‘CustomAIr Proactive for Fixed Broadband’ gets integrated with IVR at European Tier-1 OpCo

Massive Incidents in the network (like a node outage or a fiber cut by a work in the streets) cause, not only dissatisfaction to customers, but also hefty direct costs from the Customer Care Agent time required to handle the typically hundreds or even thousands of complain calls, with a Call Handing Time that can be long if the operator hasn’t pre-categorized that they are associated to a Massive Incident.

The ‘Proactive Care’ module of Zhilabs CustomAIr for Fixed Broadband was already working in a European Tier-1 OpCo, detecting Massive Incidents proactively, by correlation of KPIs with the network topology obtained from the inventory; and pre-categorizing the impacted subscribers with “tags” of being affected by a Massive Incident.

And now this capability has been integrated with the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, so that, when a subscriber calls the Call Center, it checks if they are tagged as impacted by a Massive Incident and, in that case, the IVR responds with a message explaining that the outage has been identified and that the operator personnel is already working in solving it, without even transferring the call to an agent.

So, in addition to the direct cost savings thanks to not handling them by Call Center agents, the customers get a higher degree of satisfaction, due to having been informed about the cause and that it’s being fixed.