CustomAIr for Fixed Line proactively triggers Automated Problem Diagnostics & Resolution at European Tier-1 OpCo

Service problems (not only due to an outage in the network, but even more frequently at customer premises, like issues with the Wi-Fi) cause, not only dissatisfaction to the users, but also high costs from the Customer Care Agent time required to handle the thousands of complain calls.

The ‘Proactive Care’ module of Zhilabs CustomAIr for Fixed Broadband was already working in a European Tier-1 OpCo, detecting the subscribers with Service Problems proactively.

And now it has been integrated with the Automated Problem Diagnostics & Resolution system, in order that CustomAIr periodically sends the lists of subscribers with Service Problems to it, so that they are pre-diagnosed and, ideally, even fixed (before the customer calls the Call Center, complaining).

So, in addition to the direct cost savings thanks to not even receiving these calls in the Call Center, the customers keep a high degree of satisfaction, due to having the problems proactively fixed, even before they could perceive them.