Zhilabs powers Samsung Cognitive Analytics AI product for making 5G networks more resilient

5G networks aim to support a variety of applications such as massive IoT, E-health, autonomous vehicles, connected robotics, extended reality and smart cities, with stringent and diversified communication requirements and tens of billions of devices and sensors generating, processing, and exchanging data in ultra-dense networks. Deploying, managing and optimizing these advanced and dynamic 5G networks represents a challenge for any operator. With this in mind, Samsung and Zhilabs, a Samsung Company, have developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) product known as CognitiV Analytics, which can collaborate with its human counterparts to help mobile operators tackle this challenge.


CognitiV Analytics’ capability to accurately analyze network quality stems from two key features. The first one is its ability to analyze the end-to-end performance and QoE (Quality of Experience) across entire networks at network element, subscriber, service and application level, automatically identifying technical issues. The second is the collaboration it fosters with its human counterparts. This is done by learning using diverse data sets, applying rule-based analysis and implementing automation.


CognitiV Analytics is already being utilized in multiple commercial networks and reflects Samsung and Zhilabs’ ongoing commitment to harness AI and provide mobile operators with the solutions they need to simplify operations and better manage network resources.


Further detail can be found in Samsung News: