Netliner-TCE, the vendor-agnostic and AI-based 5G/4G RAN signaling analyzer

The advent of new RAN network architectures requires low level tools such as call tracing and deep signaling analysis to allow network troubleshooting with an end-to-end view and automatic root cause analysis.

In this sense, Zhilabs suite offers a Trace Collection Entity (TCE) across any RAN vendor to estimate accurate KPIs and KQIs from a high-level view of the network performance to detailed subscriber-specific, to see calls/transactions as they happen and to explore signaling procedures. Powered by advanced machine learning and AI techniques, Netliner-TCE provides high-accuracy automated root cause analysis and recommendations for next best action and network optimization.

Some of the main features that make NetLiner-TCE a powerful tool to gain efficiency and productivity in the daily tasks of RAN planning, optimizing and troubleshooting are:

  • RAN Network performance KPI’s and KQI’s can be displayed graphically via different widgets (i.e.: aggregated, timeline reports, over a map, statistics, etc.) that give views of the entire network. Users can then drill down from a network wide view to the individual network element/site/subscriber/device/session/call-event.
  • Correlation and stitching with Core data to build accurate end-to-end visibility in a unified view, which enable a quickly root cause service and QoE (Quality of Experience) degradation analysis.
  • Users can apply any combination of flexible filters to see an end-to-end correlated view of the signaling/procedures/sessions for root cause analysis and fast resolution of issues.
  • RAN analysis can be performed in real-time or on historical data, which allows to identify and follow the trend of any abnormal behavior, not limited to specific days/times or locations.
  • Supports decryption of ASN.1 for all RRC, S1AP, X2AP and NAS messages, enabling a wide range of analysis such as ladder diagram, protocol tree and full decoding of the individual messages.
  • Color coding to point out any potential abnormal or errored transactions within the call session.
  • Save data as PCAP/HTML/PDF for detailed analysis of control and user plane traffic.

Netliner-TCE is already being utilized in multiple commercial networks enriching key use cases such as 5G planning, small cell introduction or capacity expansion. The advanced built-in optimization analytics, signaling troubleshooting and automatic root-cause analysis features of Netliner-TCE increase dramatically the RAN network optimization efficiency based on accurate view of the network status.  The ability to trace end-user calls or data sessions reduce the Customer’s complaints resolution time.