Zhilabs CustomAIr selected for new 5G services monitoring and troubleshooting at South-East Asia Group’s Mobility Centre of Excellence

Zhilabs CustomAIr selected to provide insights and detection of technical issues for new 5G services at the Mobility Centre of Excellence of the Tier-1 South-East Asia group.

Based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and advanced machine-learning technology, Zhilabs provides the Operator with the capabilities they need to simplify operations and better manage 5G network resources such as:

  • To address the key challenges of 5G networks like very low latencies and very high throughputs.
  • To analyze the end-to-end performance and QoE (Quality of Experience) across entire networks at network element, subscriber, service, and application level.
  • Auto-detect Over the Top (OTT) Applications and analyze encrypted traffic in the new 5G-network.
  • Deep visibility and cross-correlation of user plane, control plane and multiple data sources to assure the best customers’ satisfaction.
  • Proactive technical issues detection and real-time alarming.
  • Customized querying and reporting with multiple drill-down options.

CustomAIr is already being utilized in multiple commercial networks around the world and this new deployment reflects the continued expansion of Zhilabs software customer base for 5G networks in Asia.